Schrödinger's InfrastructureListen now | Josh's speech from NATCON3, on industrial nationalism, cyber threats to critical infrastructure, and the state of modern cyber conflict.
Tales from "the infinite front"Listen now (3 min) | Industrial sabotage in the digital age - steel mill edition
Seven Tools for Early Stage FoundersListen now (9 min) | A brief run-down of Galvanick's operational stack.
A Message to Garcia (1899)Listen now (9 min) | by Elbert Hubbard
A quick note about next steps, including the construction of our new "cyber range," and details on how to get involved with Galvanick.
Introducing GalvanickListen now | A startup revolutionizing the security of industrial control systems.
The one before the beginning.Listen now (12 min) | February - August recap post: lessons from seven months of customer discovery and startup ideation at the intersection of…
The One That Might Get Us Cancelled (startup idea #6)Listen now | Should we have decided to reinvent vulnerability markets? We decided against - mostly because we didn't want to get ourselves killed.
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